Thursday, May 14, 2009

Glueline Oil Pastel Portraits - Student Art

Yesterday I showed you the prelims for this assignment. I'm moving the students away from realism and into abstraction as a little break is necessary at this time of the year. They need something fun and light for a change (A.P.'s & STAR Testing just finishing up- yuck!) The students are drawing with a glue spout on black paper, allowing the glue to dry and then oil pasteling over the gluelines. They are supposed to give me a wide range of value within this medium, a strong layout design, and an expressive quality to the faces

In the top piece 8th grader Hannah Park's portrait of junior Robert Dohring is truly remarkable. Even though this was a unit in abstraction, distortion and exaggeration everyone could totally tell it was supposed to be Robert. Way to go Hannah!

Here Kristina Le is working with junior Mary Lou Bunn. Kristina is amazing with the oil pastels, moving them in value from light to dark. She also pays close attention to small details and also gives me impeccable craftsmanship in all her work.

SenorKrystal Rodriguez drew 8th grader KevinTang for her portrait. I like how she did a full body format rather than just the standard head, neck and shoulders.

One of my top beginning artists this year has been senior Darren Chan. Here he is drawing junior Kyoung Lee. Not only is Darren an amazing drawing student but he is an extremely gifted designer as well. I know I will always be pleased and delighted whenever he turns in a new piece.

Junior Brandon Liao did 8th grader Erik Wong. This one was a favorite because it was so creative and expressive.

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