Friday, May 22, 2009

Shout Out to my 3-D Art Student Connie Pae

Just wanted to tell you Connie that you made my day today by telling me you are addicted to my blog. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is looking. And it feels so good to know that with all the time I invest in this thing that it is being noticed and appreciated. So thank you for sharing that with me. I put up one of my art quilts that I made several years ago that reminded me of you. You are such a good person, and a wonderfully gifted designer and craftswoman. I have enjoyed working with you in my classroom for the past two years so very much, and after you graduate this year I hope that you will continue to pursue the arts and keep them in your life. You are in my heart, I love you!


  1. That's such a nice feeling when you and what you do are appreciated by one of your students!

  2. ahhaha mrs. agrums you're so cute!
    by the way have you checked out before? they have some stuff featured that reminded me of you, like these gourd lamps and felted necklaces!

  3. hehehehe, hi mrs. agrums!