Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Unfinished Slab Boxes - Student Art

One of the most difficult clay assignments for my beginners is the slab box. All kinds of bad stuff can happen during and after construction. Warping, cracking, lids misaligned and so forth. So I like to take a few pix before I send them thru the firings, just in case! In a couple days I will post the glazed finished works. These two belong to seniors Cynthia Tsai and Frankie Wong.

These next two pieces were made by seniors Mark Japzon and Frank Chang, and fit almost perfectly together. It was so cool to watch how the boys had to work so closely together to make sure the two pieces lined up precisely.

All these beauties belong to seniors Rikaya Obilo, Caroline Ma, and Estelle Hong.

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  1. Those are fantastic! I may have to get some clay and play, you make it sooooooooo fun!