Saturday, February 4, 2023


This past year I participated in
Glennis Dolce's Moon of the Month subscription
and received 2 Indigo dipped moons every month 
with a complete list of the fabrics used and any other tidbits she wanted us to know
about the making or significance of them.
She just started it up again and it's not to late to subscribe for 2023.
It was so much fun never knowing what size and shaped moons she'd create
 and what special fabrics she'd use,
oftentimes cutting into old kimonos she's brought back with her from Japan.
Glennis also has a tour guided trip to Japan this year that looks amazing.
I believe there are a few spots left too.

Glennis is a wealth of information on Japan and Shibori.
She also offers many other courses, cards and pieces she has made,
 several of them she has slow stitched into banners and bags.

Above are only a few of the 24 moons she sent out this past year.
With the December moons she also sent out six different rabbit silhouettes 
that she suggested we stitch onto a few of the moons 
since this is the year of the Rabbit.

I did a few and wasn't sure if I liked them,
 but when I saw this pix of them I think I might do a couple more 
before I sew them together in some type of banner.
My dear blogger friend Liz from I'm going to Texas
also participated in the monthly moons
 and has already started to sew hers onto a Quilt top.
Can't wait to see how it turns out!


  1. I love the leaping rabbit and what fun to see myself pop up here ... I'm hoping we'll get to see more of Glennis' moons showing up in the blogs ... they're so precious, it's kinda hard to put a needle to them ...

    1. I agree Liz with all 3, I love the leaping bunny, it was so hard to start sewing thru each moon and I'm hoping all my Artists I Follow will start blogging again.
      So many of them stalled in 2020.