Thursday, November 26, 2020


During this crazy, 
difficult year,
 thank goodness we still have so many things to be thankful for.
A lovely home with beautiful gardens to surround us,
healthy successful children who have found their way,
four grands who are delightful and keep us smiling,
and yes our good health,
even though as we age we find our bodies slowly breaking down.
But we continue to work thru that by exercising and eating as clean as possible,
for us anyways.

In the bigger picture,
I'm so thankful that my son-in-law Michael continues to fight against his brain cancer tumor.
He is almost done with his Chemo treatments and the tumor has shrunk a bit.
To look at him you would never know he is sick.

My son's in-laws,
Mary and Nick,
 are now both struggling with different kinds of cancers.
Mary is in her 5th year,
 and her 5th round of treatments.
Her 5th time to loose all her hair,
she is the bravest person I know and again,
never complains.
She inspires me daily with her strength and will to live.
And we just found out recently that her husband Nick has a rare form of bone cancer. 
Luckily it was found early and is treatable by replacing his blood twice a week.
No pills yet, 
and no chemo or radiation.
He is the picture of health and well-being.
We will be together today to eat, drink and be merry for another year round the table.

Today I find myself giggling over this most recent find in the potato bag.
I'm in charge of the mashed potatoes,
which are not "clean" at all.
Full of butter, sour cream, whipping cream, cream cheese with a hint of garlic and rosemary.
They are my specialty and are asked for on this day of giving.
So I could not bare to cut up this wonderful discovery for the boiling pot.
I will take it with me to share and make everyone else laugh with me.
I cannot tell you what my husband said about it,
but I'm sure you can imagine.



  1. your mashed potatoes sound wonderful ... and I'm so glad to hear there are some silver linings to your family's health challenged

    and I'm sure those one-potato-two-potatoes resulted in some good belly laughs!!

    1. Everyone cracked up over the potato, so glad I brought it with me. I think Mary got the biggest laugh of all, and it was so good for her. And she looked amazing! Has only lost half her head of hair this time, so she is so grateful. The potatoes on the other hand were just ok this year Liz, but not my best. I waited till the last minute before I had to leave to make them so I was rushed. Forgot my garlic, and next year no sour cream and a bit more rosemary.

  2. One thing this year has taught us is to realize how much we have--if not in wealth, in the way of family and friends. A blessing to have such a supportive family in spite all of the hardships and challenges. Hope all of your family enjoyed the fellowship and food!

    1. It was delicious Jen, and a very small gathering, just 5 of us so we really got to relax and enjoy each other. My daughter-in-laws pumpkin pie was made from her garden's bounty and was so good and fresh it didn't even need whipped cream. And my son did some interesting green beans with soy, leeks, almonds and chili flakes. I spent the night and got to play in their garden all day today, cutting things back and pulling weeds, one of my favorite activities. The weather was perfect at about 70 degrees. A lovely Thanksgiving. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend. xoxoxo