Sunday, November 15, 2020


Discovering super star knitter Andrea Mowry has been delightful.
I found her on Knit Stars about 2-3 years ago now 
and have been drooling over her patterns ever since.
But alas,
they look so difficult,
so I've been stalling for quite some time before getting started on one of her smaller projects.
Recently I got brave enough to attempt her Shift Cowl,
and it really is excruciatingly challenging for me.
Not because the stitches are difficult,
it's basically Stockinette and Slip Stitches, 
but because I constantly loose track of where I'm at in the pattern.
Plus I'm carrying two different color yarns at all times. 
It actually took me 4 tries just to get started and that's even after I watched her tutorial-
several times.
But it's totally worth it.
I look forward to the challenge all day long.
I know I've mentioned this before but I won't allow myself anything fun (craftsy) 
until after all my work is done and house is cleaned up.
I know I'm weird that way.
Wondering if anyone else does the same thing?
I can't seem to allow myself to play unless everything's in it's place.

So what I've found,
 that is working somewhat for me,
 is a journal to tell myself where I've left off for the night,
to help check off rows,
to help me keep track of how many rows to rip off and put back on 
because I see a mistake several rows below.
The list is endless of all the mistakes I've made in this piece.
Pretty frustrating at times.
I'm also trying to watch and listen to my Netflix shows while I knit,
and I need Closed Captioning 
because I won't go get a hearing aide that was recommended 2 years ago.
But that's another story.
So I can't look up,
 and if I do I goof up.
I have never had to pay such close attention to something that usually is so relaxing
 and comes so easily to me.
But I love it,
I know it's good for my tired old brain.
Speaking of that,
have any of you tried Prevagen?
It's supposed to help with short term memory.  
And if so, 
have you noticed a difference?

In case you are wondering,
 the yarns are by Malabrigo and they are Sock Weight/Fingering.
I adore knitting with them and the extended color shifts.
Super soft and yummy plus a fabulous color selection.
Andrea actually uses Spincycle Yarns in a thinner weight.
Gorgeous to look at on the Internet.
Ordered and tried them but for me they were stiff to the touch and hard to knit with,
plus almost double the price.

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  1. I've always loved the word "fingering" ... inviting one to reach out and touch