Wednesday, February 6, 2019


looks like we have a good foot of snow at the cabin.
Our dear friend and neighbor Chris who lives next to us took pix and sent them today.
I can tell how deep it is by how high it comes up on the bottom of the wishing well on the left.
Here is the antique wooden door Chris installed this past summer.
Loving how it looks all snowed over. 

Here is the other side of the well looking down at my art studio.
I bet it's so cold inside.

And here's a shot of the creek that runs alongside the cabin to our left.
Can't wait for the snow to start melting so we can hear the water running by.
Before the snow came
 my husband cut down some branches from our pines that were tangling in the powerlines,
and I dragged them to the top of the creek bank that I had installed chicken wire over 
to hold the dirt back,
then hung those branches over the top of the bank to hide the wire.
It looks so pretty with the snow over and thru them.

And here is the road and driveway leading to the main cabin.
Last year it took Jim and I two hours to shovel all that snow so we could park in our driveway.
I think I'll call Chris and hire him to do that for this weekend
so we can just go up and enjoy the snow.
Can't wait!

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