Sunday, February 10, 2019


Hazel Montes of Handstories blog fame 
stitches the most delicate and lovely stories onto tiny pieces of cloth.
These delicious works are no more than 3 inches by 3 inches
and come wrapped in their own lovely piece of indigo dyed cloth
encased in a handwritten note card that Hazel has printed her stitchery on.
Absolutely delightful to open and enjoy.
When I open one of these
(I have bought several over the past couple of years to teach with)
I gasp with awe at her fine stitching with the tiniest of thread.
She sells select works in her shop,
but you've got to be quick as they sell out extremely fast.
I have been trying to scoop up one of her trees for a couple of months now and I recently scored!
My 3-D student where in awe the other day when I brought in this piece to share with them.
They couldn't believe how small it was and how she manages to do such fine work.
Incredible Hazel,
we love you!


  1. Ah, this is where it ended up. I, too, loved this "snow globe" tree ... so glad it has found such a good home!

    1. It is so amazing in person. I'm thinking of gifting it to my top #-D student at the end of the year for working so hard for me. Just don't quite know yet if I can part with it.