Thursday, February 7, 2019


white glue & oil pastels on black construction paper

Once my beginning drawers learn to draw each other in a realistic way 
in their Before & After Portraits,
I partner them up again to draw each other in an abstracted way 
using exaggeration & distortion .
One way to do that is by only allowing the kids to draw with the tip of a glue bottle
which distorts all the features right off the bat. 
After the glue dries for 24 hours they go back in with oil pastels
and light and shadow.
I encourage them to try using colors other than what they really see
for additional abstraction.
These are colorful and so much fun.
The kids giggle and have a blast doing them.

This first beauty,
 which reminds me of a Modigliani Masterpiece, 
was done by 8th grader Andrew Lee of 8th grader Ashley Lee.
I love how he elongated the face and neck,
put in necklaces and completely changed up all the realistic colors.
Bravo young Andrew!

And this one totally reminds me of a Picasso when he first started to abstract his own work.
This wonderful piece was done by senior David Tung of 8th grader Siddhant Watwani.

Junior Esther Ahn made 2 pieces (above and below).
Her model was junior Kiana Sanchez,
and I adore both pieces.
It's amazing to me how much creativity comes out of these kids.
Such talent!

Next we see the work of junior Manishka Ranjit.
She was partnered with 8th grader Tin Pham.
She definitely brought her own unique twist to the piece with her signature hat tipped to the side,
and the wonderful hatcher strokes moving the pastels from light to dark.

And we end with 8th grader Madison Plotkin who constructed this gorgeous work of art.
Love her color choices and how she moves them thru their value ranges,
the zentangled line work on the skull mask,
and all the extra flowers she made,
cut out and glued down.
This portrait was of 11th grader Ellya Gholmieh.
Fabulous work Madison.
I'm so proud of all of you!!

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