Wednesday, November 21, 2018


for our 4th grandchild's safe and healthy arrival.
 Introducing Anthony Michael,
born on November 15 when his mommy,
Jim's daughter Julie,
went into labor 6 hours before her scheduled C-section.
Anthony had his own arrival schedule.
ha ha
He is 7 pds 9 oz. and 20 inches long
with huge hands and fingers,
and one of the sweetest little faces I've ever seen.
So far he's a good baby,
super mellow and a good little eater and sleeper.

This is Anthony's beautiful mommy, 
in the afternoon of his arrival,
looking fabulous,
and proud dad Mike holding his son for the first time. 

We got to see the  little guy awake looking up and listening to his dad.
My heart was melting!

We also had the privilege and pleasure of seeing big brother Syd,
3 years old now,
seeing his mom, dad and baby brother for the first time after the birth.
The delight on Syd's face was something I will probably remind him of in the coming years.
I love the shot below of the 3 guys bonding over this milestone in all their lives.

Syd's shirt was perfect for the big day I'm the Big Brother.
And of course there were treats for Syd from baby brother.
Two more priceless shots were of the guys faces for the changing of the first poopy diaper
which Syd was fascinated by and Mike said no thanks to the non stinky meconium,
and then to Anthony's first screams when the nurse poured water over him for his first bath.
Too loud for Syd's ears.
Just wait Syd.
That's nothing compared to what's coming.
hee hee
But Anthony quickly stopped screaming when the nurse poured water over his head 
for his first shampoo.
He loved the feeling of the water over his head.
Calmed him right down.
I can't wait to share these pix with the boys when they get older.
We are going to have so much fun!

I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.


  1. Oh congratulations! What a beautiful family. My heart is melting.

  2. I must've hit "older post" instead of "publish" when I stopped by before ... but it was worth coming back for another look and sending congrats

    1. Thank you, we are so tickled with our new little guy.