Wednesday, November 28, 2018


graphite, fine felt tip & watercolor accents

Every year these drawings get more and more complex and creative.
The assignment was to draw the corner of my room using Dr. Betty Edwards Sighting approach
from her book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.
It's too tricky to explain,
only the book will do.
But basically it's 1 & 2 Point Perspective using more of an intuitive process
that is a must read in her book with great diagrams to help understand.
So anyways,
we practice this skill in several smaller drawings 
then I ask the kids to pick a corner of my room to sit in front of 
and draw a point of view drawing. 
They must decide after the foundations of the walls and corner are in
if they want to embellish with surrealistic details,
or just leave it be and not add anything that isn't already there.
Let's see which way they went.

We start with junior Manishka Ranjit,
one of the most imaginative students in the class.
She went all out and did a bit of both,
plus she went way beyond the graphite required and adding pen & ink and watercolor.
So much fun to figure out and explore!

check out this impressive attention to detail and craftsmanship by 8th grader Ashley Lee.
that's right,
8th grader!
Another of the requirements was to add both simulated and real texture.
She did a brilliant job with this as well as adding rich nighttime color with stars.

And talk about added color,
another 8th grader,
 Madison Plotkin,
 brought in gorgeous amazing color thru her watercolor skills.
And with her incredible drawing skills,
 she turned the clay damp room into an undersea adventure.

Then junior Esther Ahn  decided to really go for it 
and drew everything she saw on my checkout counter,
even the cup of spilled paint.
But as you look up you see the room starting to bust apart,
walls cracking open and so forth.
So cool Esther!
And wonderful projection too.

We end with junior Steffany Reyes who brings a frightening serpent from the cracking ceiling tiles,
and turns the walls ino windows of an Asian countryside.
Fabulous woman!!


  1. Oh man, I just love it when you post this assignment! Your students have such incredible vision!! So what do I especially love?

    Madison's stairs climbing mountains

    Ashley's cityscape next to an inky night sky

    The rich realism of Madison's underwater fantasy

    The futuristic vision of Esther's art room gone rogue

    And the subtle sketchiness of Steffany's Asian art inspired clouds

    A wonderful way to start the day ... thank you all!

    1. I love to hear that you love this assignment Liz, me too!