Sunday, October 1, 2017


clay, glazes, & oxides

Sometimes I feel it's important to push the kids harder 
then they would regularly push themselves.
What happens is that their work is so much more spontaneous and fluid.
The perfect assignment to do this with is Slab Wraps.
I do the demo day one,
then they make the piece in only one period,
day two.
Are they freaking out?
ha ha.
Here we go,
starting with thumping and dragging.
Day two starts with them taking a large lump of clay,
pushing all kinds of stamps into the top of it,
then taking it outside my door to thump & drag it on the concrete.
What this does is thin out and elongate the clay very quickly,
stretching the stamp texture into almost unrecognizable shapes
 that become quite interesting to the eye.
It also rips open all the outside edges of the slab,
another element that is very appealing to the eye.
 they take a rolling pin and drape this large stretched slab overtop it
 to carry it inside to create their vase form.

Let's see a few of the end results..
We begin with senior Ashley Iseri.
Love the small stamped balls she added all over to unify the vase form.

Sophomore Olivia Krueger went crazy not only with her form
(she is fearless)
but also with her oxides and glaze.
We loved it!

And sophomore Christine Hamakawa & senior Avanthi Dev
give us two more exciting pieces.
Great job young ones!
How about that,
you made a piece in only one day!

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  1. You are a wild woman! And these could all be sponges on a coral reef ... a compliment of the highest order as I believe nature is the most talented artist of all.