Wednesday, October 25, 2017


to my dear friend and ex art student,
class of 1994,
Wendy Hertel,
on her retirement from our Armed Forces after 21 years of service in the Air Force.
Wendy was trained to speak fluent Chinese,
and was put into service working top secret for all those years.
She was never able to tell her family or friends what her job was,
and even now after her retirement her lips are still sealed.
Wendy traveled the world where she was stationed in Hawaii twice,
South Korea,
Maryland (USA)
& Monterey, Ca.
I asked where her favorite place was thinking she'd say Hawaii,
but no,
 it was Monterey along the California coastline.
But she just spent this past week driving across country to New Orleans to visit her mother,
then up she will go north back to Maryland where she has chosen to live.
It's where all her friends are now that she made in the Air Force.

Wendy took at least 5 of my art classes back in the day,
several levels of Ceramics and 3-D art.
When she came to visit the school recently,
I sat her down at one of the potter's wheels, 
and she was still able to use remember how to use the wheel
and threw two large bowls.
Those global skills stick with you for life!
It's the coolest thing ever!!
Wendy with all her best friends,
including our Science/Biology teacher Aileen Perry
(second on the right)
who came back to Whitney to teach.

I wish you the best Wendy, 
you are one of the most positive people I know,
your energy is infectious and your love of the arts is equal to mine.
I have also been touched and thrilled with your surprise visits over the last 21 years.
Can't wait to see you again when you come back into town.
Enjoy your retirement and find a ceramics studio where you can throw lots of pots!
Send photos please.
I love you so very much!!!


  1. I love you so much!!! That room holds so many memories for me and I absolutely love coming back to get new art ideas and fun things to craft. You have inspired so many students with your enthusiasm and craziness and I was truly blessed to be a part of it. You can never retire haha

    1. I love you too Wendy. You have been in my heart since you walked into my classroom back in the day. xoxooxoxoxoxoxo