Tuesday, September 26, 2017


About two years ago, 
maybe three,
 I took the most wonderful online class with Jude Hill
of Spirit Cloth fame called Considering Weave.
After that,
weaving has once again become very dear to my heart
(actually still trying to purchase a Jude Hill weaving, hint, hint)
I've found I'm very attracted to Tapestry weave, 
and have been really enjoying Pinterest and all the Tapestries to be found there.

So one of my latest purchases to share with my 3-D students 
has been from an Etsy business called Manufabrica,
run by owner Kuku from Zagora', Greece.
She is creating the most delightful woven tapestry neckpieces,
incorporating natural finds like freshwater pearls, shells, etc. with silver findings.
Kuku grew up in a small village in Germany 
and learned to knit and crochet from her grandmother.
She studied Textiles and has since moved to a small Aegean Island in Greece
where she goes on walks along the shore to find treasures she might incorporate into her jewelry.
The necklace I bought from her includes all the above.
I so liked her presentation when I opened the package,
how she secured the piece to this neutral backdrop with lovely ribbon.
And the silver findings she incorporates in almost all her necklaces brings a touch of elegance
and elevates these sweet weavings to a higher level..
You might want to go to Etsy and take a peek.

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  1. Considering Weave was my gateway ... and love this "packaging"