Monday, October 23, 2017


clay, glass shards, glazes

Here is another assignment the kids love,
especially as they wait to see their finished products coming out of the kiln.
Let's take a look.
Senior Ashley Iseri displayed some of the best designs and craftsmanship in the class.
Sadly she was a senior, 
so I wasn't able to work with her again in Ceramics II.
But she promised me she'd try to take another clay class in college.

Another outstanding student,
junior Ylia Madayag,
did this striking lion above.
And best of all,
she is back again this year in Ceramics II challenging herself, 
and growing in her artistic skills.
Can't wait to show you her work that she has begun!

Junior Samuel Kim,
who never liked anything he made,
finally created something he loved so much that he made two of these.

And senior Eunice Shin blends her two countries in this very patriotic work.
Bravo Eunice!
Miss you girlie.

Senior Vinaini Jayasinghe,
a beautiful dancer in her Indian culture,
carved out an image of one of her difficult dance moves.
Very cool Vinaini!

Sadly junior Sarah Oh had a revolting development during the glaze firing
in this very beautiful piece.
Sometimes when the students are rolling out their clay for a piece,
 they accidently pick it up incorrectly and stress an edge.
Or when they roll out the clay they roll one section thinner than the other.
Either or both of these things could cause the work to crack during the last firing.
Both Sarah and I and her tablemates were devastated when we saw what had happened.
But because it was such an exceptional piece it still went out on display.

This accident also happened to senior Brian Aguirre-Hernandez.
His crack wasn't quite so large so that the glass shards melted and filled in the crack a bit.
But again,
what a shame,
such a beauty Brian.

And we end with sophomore Julia Stein.
She came up with something completely different.
She made two pieces that were meant to  be displayed together
which I felt was such a neat idea.
I'm hoping this work will inspire this next years group of students to give it a try.


  1. Ashley's turtle is so finely crafted ... I especially appreciate the details within each flipper

    1. She truly was a remarkable student. So sad she graduated, aI would have so loved to taken her thru the second year of clay.