Thursday, December 17, 2015


tissue & paper scraps, Modge Podge

My students know that anything liquid in my classroom is known as sauce.
So do my children.
When they were younger and we were getting ready to go to the beach,
I'd tell them to sauce themselves up,
meaning to apply their sunscreen.
So in my classroom there is collage sauce (Modge Podge)
and sawdust sauce (glue/water).
Hee hee
Even though Modge Podge is a bit expensive,
I've found it is the best collage sauce on the market.
It's a Polymer Medium that sticks almost anything to anything,
and we go thru a couple hundred dollars worth a year.

It is especially wonderful for Tissue Paper Collage 
as you can see in Shriya Kappagantu's wonderful design above.
I love that she created an image rather than random design.

"Look Ma, No Hands" on the left above was so much fun,
but sadly I didn't write down the name of the maker,
so 7th graders, 
let me know who it belongs to.
Charles Chen is the artist in the middle.
I really like that he used up the tan packing material that I can't bare to throw away,
and Alberto Lozano did the neutral color scheme box on the right.

Nerie Crisologo is the creator of this colorful box,
and it's lovely stamped tissue inside.
I teach the kids 7 different patterns to stamp in ,
and they pick up several to combine in a clever way to stamp their tissue with.

The stamps were carved years ago for another assignment and left behind,
so we re-use them for this assignment.
Bryant Huang picked a Tribal looking stamp for his tissue.
Also notice Bryant's wire wrapped pendant that he made.
Beautifully crafted with a special meaning for him.
I think his story was that he had a clam living in it in his aquarium,
and it died,
so he kept it's shell.
And when I asked the kids to bring something special from home to turn into a pendant,
this is what he brought.
Ahhhh  :)

Alex Min was inspired by the game of Minecraft for his box theme.
He used a Mirror pattern for his tissue,
and made two pendants for his box.
Notice how strikingly beautiful his tissue stamping is!

And lastly we have Amara Ajon.
She chose a box with an interesting lid (see below).
All these boxes are recycled from the staff at my school.
They donate them to me after the Holidays.
I go thru at least 120 every year,
and I'm running out.

Amara has chosen an Analogous color scheme to work in
(there are 8 color schemes they can choose from)
and I really like how she has stamped her paper.
Part of it is in a random overlapping pattern 
which creates wonderful values,
and above that she is in a regular alternating pattern.
Well designed kiddo!

We are almost to the end of my First Quarter 7th Graders.
I know my Second Quarter kids are getting antsy to see their work up on the blog.
very soon  :)


  1. I think this was the first assignment I happened on when I started following this blog last year. I was blown away then and I still love it: the luminous colors, the text, the stamping. Kudos to Charles Chen for a wonderful composition of warm colors and that awesome packing paper texture.

    1. I know, I really liked Charles box too!

    2. I know, I really liked Charles box too!