Tuesday, December 15, 2015


The last time we saw Kaili
 she and her classmates were in the process of Sawdust Firing their Pinch Pots
 at the University of Hawaii.

Since that time she has been learning how to throw on the potter's wheel.
She told me it was a struggle for her,
as it is for most everyone
when you try to learn a new global skill.
But Kaili doesn't let anything beat her,
she tries and tries until she conquers it
 and then becomes one of the best.
So let's see her results.

This is her shelf in the Ceramics Studio of all her finished wares.
We see many of her finished thrown pieces
 alongside her handbuilt ones from earlier in the semester.

Kaili said her instructor had them make many, many mugs,
17 in all for their final...

along with 6 bowls & 6 other forms of their choosing.

They were also required to trim the bottoms of each piece,
extremely labor intensive.

Here are a few of her pieces after the first bisque firing.
You can see how the clay have vitrified a bit and changed color to this pinkish hue.

And here they are  in the process of being glazed.

Tah Dah!!!
the final products ready for the Final grading.
She told me she is planting and selling a few of her pieces as well.

And finally a mug exchange and gathering with fellow classmates and instructor
 at a local hang-out 
to celebrate a job well done.

Proud of you Kaili girl!

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  1. The piece at the back right of the shelf is a stand-out!