Sunday, November 2, 2014

So Long, Farewell....

my sweet little noob sauces.
It's been a real treat and sometimes a challenge getting to know all of you.
And now that I've got you trained on how to behave in my classroom, 
it's time to send you on to Ms. Improta for Drama,
she's going to love your energy and enthusiasm!
And I get to break in a whole new crew.
I hope you enjoyed doing art with me,
and that you will come back next year for more classes.
Your group had a lot of artistic talent, 
and a couple of you I'm hoping will go on to be art majors.
Several of you I will miss very much, 
you touched my heart with yours.
And don't forget to stop by on Open House night with your parents so I can show off your work.

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