Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Playing Favorites

Teachers aren't supposed to have favorites, 
but I find it just happens naturally.
You click with a student,
you find you are on the same wave length.
Or you watch them trying desperately to please you.
You feel their goodness, 
or you are secretly tickled by their silly behavior.
Or they are just so dang cute you can't help but love them.
Right Roger??  :)
What I'm finding this year is that I have more favorites than ever,
for all the reasons above and so much more.
But the biggest reason is that the kids are loving the creative process as much as I do.
They are coming in before school, during break, at lunchtime and during their free 7th periods as well as after school.
It's astounding, like nothing I've seen before.
They are enjoying themselves so much and discovering they have this artistic side they never knew about, 
or weren't allowed to explore until now.
It's a beautiful thing to watch and it's making my heart so happy.

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