Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Going Out with a BANG!

tissue collage, carved rubber stamps, wire and found objects

I'm really missing my 1st quarter 7th graders.  
Even though they were a handful, they were a sweet bunch.  
And LOUD, really, really LOUD.   
On the left is Nhi Nghiem and the blue one belongs to Janice Chu

These striking collaged boxes with their wire wrapped pendants and stamped tissue paper were some of the last projects they did with me.

I want to apologize for not keeping up with my blogging.
I just started off the beginning of the 2nd quarter with the kids and I've been so busy.
Not enough hours in the day to spend blogging.  :)

Cayla Buculea,
 above, was one of my top 7th graders 1st Quarter.

Sweet Sean Bang actually took it upon himself to carve his own stamp at home
so it flowed visually with the Pikachu he wire wrapped.
(the others used the recycled ones provided)

And then creative Emily Mercado thought to wrap two chess pieces together,
plus add a few beads!

Megan Hur, 
another top art student,
 has the whole visual flow thing going on here between the colors in her pendant, 
box and tissue paper.

David Cho shows us wonderful fine motor skills as he carefully wrapped his pendant,
stamped his paper and collaged his box.
All the kids are graded on their craftsmanship, 
and David had some of the best in the class as you can see above.

And Pamela Yo shows off her art skills as well in this very creative pendant design.

And lastly we have Skye Garcia, volleyball champion extraordinaire, 
who also really enjoys the arts.
She delves into the mind and soul thru her colors and design.
Very expressive!

I've hope you've enjoyed seeing a glimpse of the work of these wild and crazy 7th graders.  

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