Friday, November 21, 2014

Meet My New Beginning 2-D Art Students

tempera on thick drawing paper w/ pen & ink

My beginners,
 I apologize that it's taken me so long to showcase your class.
I'm finding that you are a talented and  sweet bunch of kids,
 and I'm really enjoying getting to know and work with you.

This Color Theory assignment was done in 1st Quarter and really showed off the skill levels of the kids coming into the class.  
Several of these young ones were with me in their 7th grade year in the art wheel class and I've been waiting patiently for their return.
Most of them are juniors and seniors now and I'm really pleased with the creative pieces they are turning in.

This first beauty was done by Hapshiba Kwon.
I'm thrilled she came back to me 
because she was one of the most talented artists in her 7th grade class.

Another young woman who I've been bugging to come back is junior Katherine Ku.
She, like Hapshiba,
 was also a stellar student in the 7th grade.
Her guitar design is so well thought out, 
 and was one of the best in the class.

Note that all these works you are seeing are incorporating color wheels, 
monochromatic and value scales,
 the 3 main complimentary pairs and their neutrals,
 and 3 colors that are analogous to each other.

Junior Bernice Lin, 
another one of my favs from her 7th grade art wheel class,
 did this lovely floral sun motif
over top her color wheel and value scale.

And then super star senior Karisma Dev, 
whose crazy wonderful work I've been posting for the past 6 years in my 3-D classes,
is finally taking her first 2-d class from me.
Because she is used to thinking dimensionally,
she came up with layering her designs on top of themselves.
The boats are floating on top of the water, 
and the buildings have been made separately from the mountains.
It's had to see these layers in this format,
 but in person it's a really cool new idea!

And lastly we have junior Risha Bhakta, 
a new student to me,
 who is coming in with strong design skills.

Can't wait to show off more of their work, so stay tuned!

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