Friday, November 14, 2014

Eco Bundling & Printing

plant windfall, foodstuffs, silk, cotton, linen

Probably one of the funnest assignments of the year, 
eco-bundling and printing were enjoyed by all.

We start with a scavenger hunt around the entire perimeter of the school for windfall from flowers, bushes and trees.
Then another hunt at home for additional goodies, 
like spices and foods that might contain nature dye properties.
Junior William Kim and Antoniette Jabat brought bagfuls of exciting possibilities.
William even went to Starbucks for their used coffee grounds.

Some students chose to first pound the goodies into their silk foundations before they even started to bundle like sophomore Amy Wang.

Below, student teacher observer, Jessica K ,from Cal State U. Long Beach even joined in the fun.
Below is how Jessica stacked her finds
 on top of her fabrics.
Then the bundling began. 
The kids had many choices of fabric scraps to work with.
pieces of antique clothing, 
various cottons and linen tablecloths,
There were also 4 different cotton embroidery threads,
all of this thrifted from garage sales I go to each weekend.

Here are the bundles after the big steam.
This year they could have chosen a clear water bath, 
an ornamental plum, 
a blueberry, 
or a eucalyptus bath.
Believe me, it was a tough choice.
Even for me  LOL

We put them out on display for Back to School Nite.
Wish the photo had turned out better.
They were so lovely blowing in the breeze as the sun was setting.

So here are the opened bundles.

Senior Sunny Kim made two different bundles.
One went into the clear water bath, the other into blueberry.

Junior Hazel Cruz chose only a clear water bath,
 but because of incorporating bobbie pins and the spice turmeric,
she got some great results.

Senior Adora Islam went into the ornamental plum bath,
 and got many cool marks from adding rusty nails.

Junior Joann Chung made 3 separate bundles.
One into clear, plum and blueberry.

Liana Chie,
 a junior,
 made two different bundles
 putting both into ornamental plum.

And here is junior William Kim,
who we saw at the top of this post.
He made two bundles
 putting one into clear and the other into blueberry.
He used a lot of turmeric and coffee grounds in his bundles.

And this very soft, gentle bundle was done by junior Amber Wu,
who put hers into plum.

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  1. Wow, those are beautiful. Those look like maybe they were the most successful eco printing you've done with a class.