Friday, April 4, 2014

More Clay Please from My Seniors

clay, glaze, glass shards

Recently I've had a few requests for more clay projects from Ceramics teachers across the U.S. 
So here you go, Coil Trivets
I do this assignment as a prelude to Coil Pots so the kids get the hang of rolling out coils in clay.
I also have them carve out an area to learn to melt glass shards in during the glaze firing. 
The students did a really nice job of critically thinking thru their glaze finishing as yo will see.
This first cutie was done by Megan Yeu.  Yeap, she's also the youngster that painted her self-portrait in yesterday's post. 

 Jocelyn Kim consistently brings us well thought out designs with beautiful craftsmanship in both the construction and the glazing processes.

I really like Anne Allan's sun motif, a great subject to work with.

Fishes where very popular this year with our seniors.  This one was made by Norris Khoo

The this last sweet piece was created by Minette Tsang.

Sadly, these very talented seniors won't be back next year, but I hope all of you keep ceramics in your life.

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