Friday, April 11, 2014


featuring my seniors

This was a new assignment this year for my second year clay students.  
I had them wedge oxides into pieces of porcelain, then roll each piece out into a thin slab, stack them together, roll the entire stack as one, then build anything they pleased with these very special slabs. 
They chose to make vase, mug and plate forms, then glazed them with transparent to showcase their work.
The results were spectacular as you will see.
From left to right in the arc we have James Cho, Shamara Mustafa, James again, and the cutie in the front belongs to Tahnee Thantrong.

This very complex mug above was created by Aman Patel, and below we have the subtle stylings of Aditi Ramesh.

Then Aman again for this highly original molded bowl.
Check out his visual flow between the three appliqued pieces on the bowls edge and the feet below.
It's all about visual flow baby!!  LOL

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