Monday, April 7, 2014

Cone Heads

charcoal on paper

It's that time again when we switch the 7th grade wheel students and I haven't even shown you all their work yet, so I'll try to get caught up this next week.  
I had many talented, sweet kids in this group, so let me share a few.
This first cone that looks like a pro crafted it was done by Victoria Tran.  She's showing us crazy good craftsmanship and solid design skills in her work.

Daniella Cruz made this next one and put it into an interesting format along with a quote by Onassis which I felt was very creative and thoughtful of her.

Sweet and talented Michelle Son made her cone into a crayola tip.  
Clever girl!
I used to love when my crayons were that sharp  LOL

And Emily Chen gives us her interpretation of Starry Night.
Too cute!

And we finish with Joseph Song's delious looking Hersey Kiss.

Great Job young ones, going to miss you!

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