Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Abstract Self-Portrait Based on a Master Artist's Work

acrylic on canvas board

As part of the California State Standards, it's important to tie in Art History to the hands on projects, so in this assignment the kids were asked to research a master abstract artist either current or past.  Then to write up a detailed summary of that artist's working style.  The subject matter is themselves.  They can work from a photo or a mirror.  The medium is acrylic or pastel depending on the artist they choose.  
Senior Jarick Symbol chose to research the art of Roy Lichtenstein's flat graphic style, use of primary colors, outlining, captions and dots.  Jarick really nailed his profile and that of his girlfriend.

Senior Megan Yeu chose two more contemporary artists, Native American John Nieto and Peter Max.

I feel like both kids did a great job, and it was fun putting them up on the blog to share.

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