Monday, April 14, 2014

Extraordinary Watercolors

some pen & ink

It just blows my mind every year when the kids finish this assignment.
The pieces are so breathtaking, and I marvel at the level these kids are painting at.  
I partner them up with each other and give them each 8 days to draw then watercolor their partner.
Previously, in the Beginning level class last year, I spent 10 days teaching them several watercolor techniques.
I have them bring in a bit of watercolor to two other assignments before we do this one.   
So that's it, and they are painting like pros  :) 
In this first one senior Cathy Luo abstracted senior Justin Hwang and gave him a bit of a Jack Frost look. 
She totally nailed him in likeness to original, and his usual very thoughtful and serious expressive quality.

Senior Jasmine Zhao completely captured senior Heather Warner as well. 
 I believe Jasmine brought in a bit of pen and ink work with a very fine black marker to pull out the facial features.  
And again, super expressive.

Here is Heather's interpretation of Jasmine.  
Both Jasmine and Heather haven't been in the Beginning class since they were junior higher's. 
It's quite remarkable how they haven't lost any of their skills.
It's that right brain global learning thing.
Once you learn it you don't loose it.

Senior Alex Lee completely abstracted his watercolor of senior Anne Allan.  He was going after a recruitment poster from WWII I believe.

And then here is Anne's take on Alex. 
 Since he's so into war and guns she pulled that theme into her piece.
Both Anne and Alex also brought in some pen and ink work.
And here is a wonderful close-up of the Zombies in Anne's background.
So much fun!

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