Friday, November 22, 2013

Senior Josh Berger and His Succulent Gardent

On the left side of my Art Room was an awful patch of hard dirt where nothing would grow due to no sprinkler system.  So for years I've eye-balled that area thinking about what to do with it. I asked our principal, Dr. Bus if I do create a succulent garden there and she was thrilled I was doing to do something with that barren patch of earth.  
So I turned the project over to my trusty aid Josh, and gave him a shovel.  He worked that ground and turned the earth over, then I bought bags of mulch and soil correctors that he added in and mixed with existing dirt. 
Now he's created a rich patch to plant in, along with a couple of aesthetically pleasing mounds...
with a lovely recycled bird bath I found.
I brought down several pieces of granite and wood from the forest around our cabin and Josh arranged those in a really pleasing design around and thru the mounds.
Now the planting has begun, again, Josh is handling it all, this has become his baby.

He guards over it like a hawk when our little 7th and 8th graders want to cut thru and step in it.  We tried putting up caution tape for a while to retrain them.  So far it's working fairly well, but there is always an occasional noob sauce who dares to venture thru.  Little do they know that Josh is lurking in the shadows ready to pounce.  :)
This garden is really starting to thrive and flourish under Josh's loving care.  He's even put in a few bulbs that are up and blooming.  Cant' wait to see what it looks like in the springtime.  I'll keep you updated.

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