Friday, November 8, 2013

Finally Finished - My Work

Only took 2 years to find the perfect closure parts for my hand felted journal.  That's the way it goes sometimes, looking for that special something to end a piece with.

This piece was inspired by the felt journals of Chad Alice Hagen, a North Carolina artist whose work I've followed for the last several years, and also by the feltwork of Australian Artist Jacky Cardy who incorporates velvets into her feltwork.  
I taught this journal project two years ago to my Intermediate 3-D class.  You can pull up the post here to take a look at the truly inspirational pieces that my students made.



the closure
the small spring piece that took so long to find to end this piece with

the inside

For my students and myself, I went to several thrift stores and bought beautiful leather jackets at $3.99-$5.00 each, deconstructed them, and we used them for the inside linings (my husband's idea :)

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