Thursday, November 14, 2013

1st Quarter 7th Grader's Graphite S[pheres

One of my favorite things about 7th graders is the joy and exuberance they bring to their art work, like Andrew Son above.  One can tell just by looking at his piece that here is one happy camper.  Not afraid to draw all his favorite interests, filling the paper up, and bringing in lots of color.  He hasn't lost his childhood innocence.  What a fun piece Andrew!

Next we have Maneesh Budda (who has had some previous art lessons) showing a bit more sophistication and knowledge of perspective, yet he manages to toss in his interest of tennis down below.  The hardest thing to do for the 7th graders in this assignment is to blend out the transition areas between each value.

And lastly we have Lindsey Chong giving us a really cool border around her drawing, showing off her love of stars.
So sweet!

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