Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Karisma Dev and Her Drop Spindle

Drop Spindles are used by most Third World countries to spin their flocks sheep and goat wool into yarn.   And I do teach the 3-D kids here how to spin their own yarns but we mostly use coat hanger wires cut into four pieces to do it with (drop spindles are too expensive to provide for a whole class).  Well about 2 years ago I saw an article in  Spin Off magazine showing how it's done, and I thought what a great 3-D project in wood for my students.
This is only the second time I've done this assignment with my Advanced 3-D class, but it won't be the last.  It's a great project in that it involves tons of critical thinking, physics, craftsmanship and design skills.  
Karisma was required to use two different types of wood for the spindle base; to saw, sand and drill to build her design with so that it would be perfectly balanced.  I love that she went to Home Depot and found the metal piece to put around the woods edge as an accent.

You can also see how she has stained her woods different colors, and added beads tand charms to the spindle base.  Her craftsmanship is impeccable, her design gorgeous. 
And you can see that she is already spinning yarn on the spindle.  
I just love working with Karisma, she is a very special young woman who is headed for greatness.

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