Monday, November 4, 2013

Farewell 1st Quarter and Welcome 2nd Quarter 7th Graders

I'm really sad today to send you noob sauces on your way, just when I feel I finally got you young ones right where I want you.  On well, you all better come back from time to time and say hello.

These Value Scale drawings were done by my 1st Quater 7th graders, these 3 being the best in the bunch.  "13" was done by feisty and talented Hailey Acosta  :), and the very dimensional interior box was drawn by super star Andre Yang.
But the one that impressed me the most was these stairs drawn by sweet girl Meghan Lee.  The kids had to only do a 5 step scale but as you can see Meghan went all out and did a 20 stepper.  Way to go woman!!!
I'll miss you guys.  Come back and take more art classes if you can fit me in.

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