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Senior Tribute - 2012

What I realized when I first started to upload my pics for this was that I hadn't taken enough photos of all of you young ones.  But I know that you know who you are, so that if I've left you out, don't take it personally, because know that you all will always be forever in my heart.

I wish I'd gotten a pix of Jaimee Chirico and her daddy painting Senior Square above. They worked so hard together in the August sun with Michelle Lee helping out during some of the hottest days we had last summer 2011. You guys came together to make this happen before the rest of the school came back and I was so proud of you.
And Jaimee, I will never forget your wonderful Open House wall that you designed and hung, it was such an eye-catcher.   Love, love, loved it,  though if you ever want to come back and clean the paint off the metal edging, that would be pretty cool too!  Yeap, still there. :)
Michelle, here you are, working your magic on Ms. Hall as she makes you promise not to sell your piece to anyone else but her.  By the way, she has your pastel frontal hung up in her room and it looks terrific.  She spent hours this summer rearranging all her art pieces she's collected over the years until she had them just right.
 Senior Awards Banquet Night was so much fun for me, Tyler and John to hang for you.   I hope you and your families enjoyed seeing your talent on display. 

And David Hyun, you brought tears to my eyes as you sang your good-bye song to your classmates.  You sang like an angel.  And another best moment for me was at the end when all of you stood to sing your Alma Mater.  With arms wrapped around each other, you sang out loud and clear.  I know because I was seated right behind you, tearing up with you.  So I knew that this was it, the very last time that I'd ever see many of you again in my lifetime.  So let me take this time to wish the class of 2012 the very best in love and life.  To find a job that you will love as much as I have loved teaching you.  To find a life partner, someone that you don't want to change a thing about who loves you unconditionally, who will be your best friend and always have your back.  To raise healthy, loving children  who will grow into loving, responsible adults.  
I hope you will keep in touch cuz you know I will be thinking about you and hoping you've chosen the right path.   But hey, Priya's turned me onto face book so I'll be able to keep up with you there.  Thanks Priya, you know I'm sooo hooked.  LOL 

I know it was a difficult year for many of you without Ms. Hagar cheering you on.  I know because I really missed her too.  She knew each of us so well, and I love how she used to tease and be playful with her dry sense of humor.   Love you and miss you Patti! 

So anyways, here we go, to many of my favorites...
Who would have thought that I'd fall madly in love with you three noob sauces, Brady Son, Shaun Pak and Sagar Shah. OMG, it was so hard to keep my patience with you guys in the back constantly talking amongst yourselves when I was trying to demo a new pottery technique.  But then you guys would crack me up with something you'd say and I'd loose my mad.  And then who could forget that silly space ship that you guys built and thought was so cool, instead of the pinch pots you were supposed to be making.  Were any of you ever on task?  I'm pretty sure you were Shaun.  Brady, you were deep in right mode, never paying attention, but man oh man, you had those craftsmanship skills down when you weren't breaking one of your pieces and repairing it, only to break it again.  LOL  And Sagar, you were just yakking away all the time, that's cuz you saved all you energy and attention for the links and your amazingly low handicap.  Good luck with your golf game in college.  I hope you are still playing.  But guys, know that I enjoyed every minute of you!  You are the best, and you made me laugh and smile everyday.  I will miss you and the wonderful energy you brought into the room!

So many of you were new talents coming to me in your senior and junior years.  I just wish you all wouldn't have waited so long so I could have had another year working with you.  I will miss your sweet faces and brilliant works of art. Victoria Wang above, Crislyn Ogawa, Janice Min, Emily He, Sarah Zhang and Victoria again below.
Another newbie was Michelle Chang.   You worked so hard for me and did many beautiful pieces.  It was a pleasure to have you in my class.

And then there was you Brain Hur, one of my most challenging of students, constantly talking and never paying attention.  How did we make it through a year together, I know how, because of your good heart.  As I got to know you, I realized what a funny, smart and talented young man you are, who is loved by all, including me.  I wish you the very best Brian as you find your path.  You are a wild and crazy guy, don't let that get in the way of growing into the wonderful man that I know is there.  Please stay safe.   
Now here are my babies that I've watched grow from squirrely 7th graders to young men and women of character.  Let's start with you Melissa Garcia, you beautiful, sensitive woman, you.  Don't pile too much on your plate your freshman year, cuz I know you and that's what you have a tendency to do.  Pick a few things you love and put your energy into them.  This way you won't make yourself sick.  I will be watching you on FB, so take care of yourself.  I will love you forever.   
Jessica Liu, I waited patiently for you to come back to me.  I saw phenomenal talent in you as a 7th grader, and as a senior you did not disappoint.  Thank you for working so hard for me, for always giving me everything you had, I know you will go far with your artistic talent and work ethic.  Plus you are the sweetest of hearts.  And the watercolor you did of Jim and I was the most touching gift you could have ever given me.  You really managed to capture our happiness and love for each other. Thank you forever for that.
Johanna Paz and Borah Lim, just look at you two cuties helping each other learn to knit.  Both of you have the biggest hearts, and so much artsy fartsy talent.  Borah, I waited such a long time for you to come back that I had forgotten how crazy talented you are in all that you do, whether it's academics, art or sports, you are a superstar.  The design and craftsmanship that you put into all of your 3-d pieces was a pleasure for all of us to enjoy.  I'll never forget when you accidentally cut thru your quilt, and the cuss words that most definitely came out of my mouth. LOL  You kept your cool, you didn't panic, you played with the "cut from hell" from many angles until you figured out how to change up your design so that it actually came out even better.  I really admire you stick-to-a-tive-ness (is that even a word?), your never quit attitude.  That will take you far Borah.  The copper key chain you made for me hangs from my rear-view mirror and I look at it everyday and think of you.  Thank you for all your hard work and for taking my class as seriously as you did your academics.

Johanna, you put so much love and soul into your art work, so many times dedicating your pieces to your amazing mother.  I've always thought you mature way beyond your years, even when you were in 7th grade.  I remember when you and Carolina used to sit next to each other in beginning art and you two were the best of friends.  I'd always hoped you 'd come back and you finally did in your junior year.  Thank you for always being so patient and kind with me as I had to re-explain things to the others who didn't catch on as quickly as you.  I think we used to roll our eyes at each other when that would happen, you always understood.  And I love that I can just pop my head in the next door and see your beautiful face working in the book inventory room.  It's such a nice feeling to see your graduates in a completely different capacity helping out the school.  So many of our students do come back to work here so they are never too far away.         
Nandi Best, we've had our ups and downs, our highs and lows, but the bottom line will always be that you are one of the most brilliant designers I've ever worked with in the 32 years I've taught at Whitney.  I don't think I've ever had a student put as much effort into their work as you did.  You always blew us out of the water with your brilliant pieces.  You and your artwork will forever be immortalized on my blog in many of the posts from the past two years.  Thank you for bringing so much beauty into room 18.  I wish you the best. 
David Hyun, I mentioned you above as an angel with your singing voice, but boy oh boy, were you a pill this year to work with in the classroom.  I've watched you develop as an artist from a young age, from not giving me much when I knew you had tremendous talent, to giving me everything in the 11th grade.  You outdid yourself in the clay class last year, and inspired us in so many ways.  And once again your senior year you started off so very strong only to fizzle out at the end.  Oh well, it happens.  In these last two years I've watched you change a lot, not always for the better.  You will always have your incredible artistic talent, no one can take that from you, but don't take things for granted, you are going to have to work hard to get to the top.  You are competing with grown-ups at Art Center.  It's not play time anymore.  I'm rooting for you David, and so are a lot of others who care deeply about you.  I wish you the best and send you off with lots of love.  Good Luck!      
All's I'm gonna say Jaimee Chirico is that I love you and I'll never forget you.  Be good to your mother, she is your best friend, and she will always have your back.  Of all my students you had the most amazing critical thinking skills for one so young, perhaps because you've already lived a lot of life and have many experiences to draw upon, plus you are a very smart whippersnapper.  You gave me tremendous help with my students whether I asked for it or not.  Your advise was always sound.  But as you travel along your path, learn to be more appreciative and thankful for those who helped you through.  Good Luck to you.  Ms. Hall and I are going to really miss hearing about all your escapades.   
Beautiful Leticia Alvarez, such a quiet and shy young 7th grader who turned into the most lovely, gentle young woman.  Thank you for hanging in there with me as I bulldozed through each assignment, taking no prisoners, never giving you guys a chance to relax, or to rest on your laurels.  I really admired how you always came through in the end, even when you didn't think you could.  Take care sweet girl and believe in yourself.
I adored you Joseph as a 7th grader and I loved working with you again as a senior.  However, you always had me on pins and needles cuz you worked sooooooooo slowly in class, did you even work in class at all??  Haha!  But man, could you produce at home when no one was watching or bugging you.  That's just how it is sometimes.  You art work was wonderful, even if you didn't think so.  Thank you Joseph for leaving me such beautiful pieces to teach my young ones with inside your portfolio.  Love you!  And tell Sam I said hello  LOL  Yes Sam, I remember you!
Aahhhhh, my girl Carolina Navor, I always felt so very close to you from 7th grade on, like we had a special connection.  You were always with me, a smile on your sweet face every morning for me, during every lecture/demo. you'd pay such rapt attention, and then you'd take that info and "go to town" to create the most fabulous art pieces.  I really loved how you weren't afraid to push the boundaries like how you did when you designed your quilt in Intermediate 3-d Art.  I've loved you from day one, and I will miss you terribly.  And you were the only one who came to say good-bye who made me cry.  You are a very genuine person. Thank you for always giving me everything you had in each of your art pieces.   
OMG, what did I do before you came into my life Alyssa Olea.  First off, you are an outstanding ceramics student, always on task, ready for whatever I might throw at you.  Never complaining, you just get to it.  And you always strive to do your best in every piece of art you make.  And you never, ever give up!   As my T.A. last year, you seemed to read my mind, knowing what I needed help with before I had a chance to tell you, and this year as my paid employee, you have eased my load so much in such a short amount of time, it feels wonderful to just be able to teach and not worry about a million other things while you are here.  You are such a beautiful young woman on the inside and out, your parents must be so very proud of the woman you have turned out to be.  I know that you are one very special person in my life.  Thank you!
Kelsea Lee, gosh I had such high hopes for you in your senior year, you were one of my top 3-D kids.  Such a natural, creative talent.  But, alas, your heart wasn't with me like it was in 11th grade, someone else had it as well as your mind.  And I understand, that's what happens when you fall in love, :) but still.....you know me, always pushing, wanting your best efforts.  When you were there though, you did do many fine pieces, loved your stitched paper quilt and your woven fabric piece, both of which are displayed in my home and studio.  And Ms. Machado sure is enjoying your knitted/felted bag.  You are a sweetheart Kelsea, and you made me so very proud of you when your appliquilt was shown in Quilting Arts Magazine your junior year.  What a coo that was for you and Whitney High.  You take care of that heart of yours, and know that you will always be in mine.  
Crislyn Ogawa and Janice Min (not pictured here), what great talents the both of you possess.  It's going to be so interesting to see where life takes you both with your art gifts.  Please keep in touch.  I really enjoyed working with you two.
And Michael Chen, when the office first sent you to me in your junior year as my T.A., I didn't know what to make of you.  Super non-verbal, never smiled, always so serious.  Just trying to get you to say hi to me was a challenge.  And on the flip side, I'm sure you didn't know what to make of me either, super loud and obnoxious, orders flying out of my mouth, constantly multitasking, always on the move, you probably thought I was a nut ball.  My goal that first year was to get you to smile and have fun in my class.  And I'm very happy to say, you smiled many times and we had lots of fun learning to work with each other.  Plus I really enjoyed our long talks about life, and how unfair and confusing it can be.  I also saw a wonderful change in you Michael as you became more relaxed and interacted more with your peers during both your junior and senior years with me.  I truly believe that the setting in my classroom was really good for your inner core.  You are a highly intelligent young man, and a highly creative one as well.  Your art talents along with your strong mind will take you far.  I'm hoping that you like Otis, and that it is a good fit for you. 
Thank you for all the wonderful help you gave me as my T. A., for organizing my drawers and keeping my cabinets so nice.  And for the piece of art you left behind to span the checkout counters so things won't fall though anymore.  Good Luck to you Michael, your happiness means the world to me.  I will miss you greatly.  Especially your smile  :)
Hanna Woo, you were such a bad influence on me, I cuss like a long-shoreman now because of you woman LOL  JK, I've always had a potty mouth, just maybe not as bad as you.  :)  I've never met anyone like you before (except maybe Christi Connors and Amy Hsu), you are truly unique on your outlook on life, and your laid-back attitude.  You are so fun to talk to, you brought me so much pleasure and laughter.  You are the coolest person ever!!!  Such a delight to teach, I love how you never gave up, even when it got really hard in Ceramics II.  Mentally you are a very strong, smart personality Hanna, and that is going to take you really far in the business world, I can see you bossing around people right now  LOL  God I love you Hanna, and I will miss your playfulness so very much, stop by when you can, and keep in touch.
Talk about not giving up in Ceramics II,  Tiffany Liu, what gumption you have, everyday trying to conquer that stupid potter's wheel.  Everyday me telling you that's not how to do it, poor thing, I felt so bad for you, but I think you actually ended up with the highest % in your clay II class.  Good for you, I love that never give up attitude of yours.  You are a strong woman.
Hi Alyssa, that's a fine looking rear end you are building there  LOL, and Johanna, I just loved this pix of you working on your quilt.  Too cute!

David, during the first 1/2 of senior year, working on that really cool figure sculpture you did. 

Ok David, show them at Art Center what you've got, all those thousands that your parents spent on you at your after school art academy, all the design and foundation stuff I drilled into you, but mostly that innate talent of yours.  Bring it out and let it shine.  Cuz I'll be watching you. 
I will be watching out for all of you, yes even you Opal Patel, far, far away.  Michael Marin, you just gotta take another art class, cuz you have skills  LOL  And Andy Hwang, man did you soar at the end of the clay class, you found your groove.  Tim Chai you are one of the nicest young men I've ever known, your mama raised you well.  Kelsey Chang, amazing craftswoman, and Lorena Morales, our next Miss America/Miss World, you are so beautiful and smart, work it girl! Sweet Claudine, you and Greg are the sweetest couple ever, good luck you two.  Brendan Nguyen, you worked so hard for me in that clay class, thank you for that!  Shayna Franklin, you are a goddess, you must get some head shots done, you are a stunning young woman and so smart.  Hope you finally made it to that 50's store in Orange.  And sweet Alice Cho, you are another one who waited too long to take a class with me, what a shame, so much artistic talent.  Shavonna Walker, what took you so long to take my class, I sure enjoyed getting to know you too.   Luis Gomez, you quiet young man with great design skills, do something with it.  Shivanti Kariyawasam, wow, you worked your fingers to the bone for me, you are an exceptional designer.  Shane Suniga, I have gotten so many compliments on your wooden figure sculpture in my studio, you should go into business   Aparna Vancheswaran, no one has ever taken to the spinning wheel like you, let me know if you ever want to borrow one, I have plenty to share.   Tiffany Yeh, what a superstar you were, I just know one day you are gonna come back and tell me you've switched majors to art, right? :)  Shree Ravichandran, please watch over my baby at Cal Poly for me, I would love Dani to get to know you, cuz you are the best!.  :)  Joseph Pang and William Luo, you two used to crack me up, I really enjoyed getting to know you both.  Plus you made great art!   Renz Lo, it was wonderful to work with you again and get reacquainted,  you are such a responsible young man with the biggest heart.  And no worries, things have a way of working themselves out.  Just relax and enjoy the ride, ok?  Grace Liao, what a lovely young woman you are, I really liked getting to know and work with you, you have the patience of a saint.  Joan Kim, go get them in art school, I hope you've learned from me to give everything you've got in each of your art works.  NO just getting by.  And Dustin Lee, I still can't believe I taught you to draw, it was so cool, and I think a little bit of a miracle  LOL  Erika Roderos and Andrea De Leon, I'm so glad you both took a chance and came back to me, I hope you enjoyed the year.  Noel Kim, Pauline Yang and Ingrid Huang,  you girls have unbelievable design and craftsmanship skills, I hope you all continue to create. And sweet Elsie Aguilar, one of my favorites (why do I not have a pix of you?), gosh you are talented, you MUST do something with it.  Promise!!!  And lastly Priya Shah, who you gonna mother now that's Opal's gone?  Seriously Priya, when you eventually have your babies, you are going to make the best mother in the whole world.  And just like Opal, you gotta let them spread their wings and fly away, if you've done your job right, they will always fly back to you.  Thanks what my Jimmy taught me  :)

Sandra, Borah and Carloina, you three hang in my home/studio and I look at your pix everyday (above) from when you guys were in my 7th grade art class and alumni Warren Kang came to shoot pix for his photo class project at USC.  Now here are below, all grown up, and so happy to be graduating, finally!!

Jessica, I don't think I ever got a pix of your pastel frontal.  Send me one if you can.  Thanks
(Photo courtesy of Alumni Kyoung Lee, Class of 2010)

So young men and women of the Class of 2012, the light will always be on for you in room 18, and every move you make, every step you take,  I'll be watching you.  You all are my babies and I will love you forever.  Please take care of yourselves and let me know the many paths you take.  Keep in touch.  And send pictures for my alum wall.  Especially when you start having those babies  LOL
I bet you thought I forgot about you Michelle Mickey Lee.  Nope, I just wanted to save the best till last.  Don't take it personally Hanna  LOL 
You are the real thing Michelle, you have the heart and soul of an artist.  Design flows out of you like I have never seen before, I wish I had more money to spend at Open House, I would have bought everything you made.  You thrilled me with your very first piece 2 years ago on color theory in my Beginning 2-D class all the way thru your self-portrait your senior year, along with that unbelievable coil pot you created.  Your teacher's at Otis are not going to believe what they will get out of you.  But that's only if you stay focused and on task, and not let life get in your way.  Know what I mean girl???  So Michelle, make sure you've got your priorities straight, I don't want you to waste that scholarship I helped you get!!!  In the past two years we have talked so much about art and life.  You probably know me better then you know yourself.  I think I have seen you at your lowest and at your highest.  Not only are you a phenomenal artistic genius, you are smart as a whip and savvy, way to savvy for one so young, which as you know has always made me a bit sad.  But hey, anyways, I will always be your biggest fan, I believe in you Michelle.  So be good to yourself and know that I will always be there for you, it always unconditional with me.    
Love you all, and I hope to never forget you.  But when you come back to visit and I forget your name, it's just that old age thing creeping up on me.  

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