Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oh Boy...A New Assignment -Twig Sculpture

And who will I test this out on, you ask??  You know, the man who supports all my artsy-fartsy adventures in fiber, Jimmy Sposa.  So first I made him walk around our complex collecting long vines from various bushes.  We hosed them down, then stripped off most of the leaves below.    

We used the thickest vines to build a foundation and copper craft wire to secure the join.  Then we began to weave every which way, not even sure where we were going with this.

At this point Jim wants to know what is supposed to be.  It's a sculpture of course.  Something interesting and decorative to look at.  He seems to think it will make a better hat  LOL
Jim's masterpiece above, and mine below.
From a couple different angles.
Tomorrow I'll show you another option for these beauties, so stay tuned.

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