Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Handmade Paper Pulp for Twig Sculpture

This is the process I used for embellishing the Twig Sculptures with paper pulp.
I began by ripping my junk mail into small pieces (about an inch by an inch) and letting them soak for about 20 minutes in tepid water.
Notice how pretty my junk mail is?   It's because I save all my lovely invitations and note card covers and mix them with the uglies.   My son's best friend, Adam, has his wedding invitation soaking in my pile, it's the pink and black floral paper.  I couldn't throw it away Adam and bride Ashley, I had to do something wonderful with it, hope you like what I've done  :) 
Although this part doesn't look so good LOL, this is the pulp after I've run it thru my blender with lots of water.
Next I begin pouring thin amounts over the twigs until I have just the right amount coating them.
 The finished, dried piece below.  For you Adam and Ashley, next time I see you guys.  Love you!    

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