Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Redlands Yarn Co.

A new yarn store in the So.Cal area is Redlands Yarn Co.  Jim and I love to visit cities around the south-land that we've never been to, and we get a chance to do that in the summers when I'm off work.  I had heard that historic downtown Redlands is a picturesque city with a lot of great antique shops and worth the drive.  So off we went.  
Own Becky (bottom left) has done a beautiful job with her textile displays and has created a warm and friendly atmosphere in which to shop.  I found her very knowledgeable and outgoing, and it was a pleasure to visit her shop.  I was also impressed with the hand thrown pottery that she sells to knitters by ceramic artist David Porras.  They are lovely glazed stoneware pots that have a special pierced out area to pull your yarn from so it doesn't roll away from you and get tangled.  Pretty cool!

I wish you the very best Becky, we will be back! 

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