Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nude Coil Torso - Student Art

Been really excited to share these coil built nude torsos from my 2nd year clay students. All three turned out exceptional (but then I only work with exceptional students :), cuz I'm a very luck woman). They are the largest pieces the kids have done this year and they were required to not only glaze them but to embellish them as well with other media. Senior Wayne Chen created the piece above, and I feel that the glaze turned out beautifully and really showcases his coil work. His embellishment is inside the neck and couldn't be viewed from this angle.

In the piece above and below senior Ekta Doshi goes wild with glass shards and text, and look at those gorgeous colors she's managing to get with just the rubbing and wiping of the oxides (powdered pigments stained and fired onto the clay surface) I can always count on Ekta to do something highly creative and to really push an assignment into someplace I never thought to take it. Thank you Ekta for your inspiration.

And below is senior Steven Ebalobor's piece. Look at the graceful and gentle contours he was able to coax from his coils, and the cool combo. between the oxides and the glazed areas. A very effective, subtle contrast. I especially love how he has wired in is heart. Great job you guys, it has been such a pleasure to work with you three this year. And Ekta, thanks for getting to class on time this morning! Gotcha! :)

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  1. oh wow, the torso by Wayne is also incredibly beautiful.