Tuesday, June 15, 2010

7th Grade Soap Scrubs

Look at these beautiful fibers that my 7th graders felted over soap to make a wonderful exfoliatent for the skin. We have been studying color theory and I feel they did a really good job of selecting their fiber colorways. Plus the added sculpture elements on top are really interesting to the eye as well. These 6 were my favorites: (on top from left to right are) Abigail Kim, Pete Thiengtrong, and Jeremy Simbol. Below we have Raj Budda, Jadelyn Upramai, and Calvin Sun.

Great job you guys! Only 3 more days of school left :)

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  1. Greeting from England :)

    These are (as usual) fab, I love the things you do with your classes and wish I was one of your students, lol. I have wanted to make one of these for some time now and never gotten around to it, the colours are good, I love the green. :)