Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial day 2010

What a beautiful 3 day weekend we had here in Anaheim Hills and Yorba Linda. The sun finally came out and we enjoyed every bit of it mostly by the pool and in the garden. The weather ranged between the high 80's into the low 90's. Perfect!

My son came over to visit me in my new home on Monday with his girlfriend, Candice. I had asked her to bring her portfolio that she had put together for her architecture internship. Boy, was I was impressed! She can draw and design, plus she's really smart too. Good work Zach! :) Here they are (above) taking my new mini on a little test drive. And below Dan and her boyfriend Tyler are fooling around waiting for the big Memorial Day bar-b-que feast.

While I was waiting for the feast I thought I'd show off a few of my flowers that are blooming right now. I have 3 hydrangea bushes that are just coming into bloom, the one above paler then it's ever been before. Not sure what it needs, but probably a bit of fertilizer. The one below is magnificent. It always does well. I'm sure location is part of it.

My carpet roses above are gorgeous this year, and below my very favorite rose bush, called 4th of July, just put out it's first blooms of the season. Hope everyone had a great 3 days off!

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