Monday, June 14, 2010

Coil Pots - Student Art

I thought the coil pots this year from my Beginning Ceramics students were stunning. Well designed and with a lot of care and patience in the glazing, they were real show pieces. This top one created by senior Anthony Nguyen was one of the most unique coil pots I've ever seen made here at Whitney. I was so excited when I saw how it came out of the glaze firing. Anthony used cobalt carbonate oxide to stain with and then painted his ribbon with glaze. What a beautiful contrast and what an unusual form.

The piece above was made by junior Tryphena Liu. Her craftsmanship is exceptional in both execution and glazing. I'm hoping she can fit me into her schedule next year, she is definitely one of my up and coming super stars. Below is senior Julie Chong's piece, another real beauty. Such lovely movement flowing around the pot as well as an unusual ending at the top. Love it Julie!

And lastly we have senior Eugene Kim who always pushes himself to be as creative as possible. He is the only one who worked as large as he did and who pushed his form out into space as far as he did to create this elegant s-shaped curve. Spectacular Eugene! If you'd like to see more click on Coil Pots and see the ones from last school year.


  1. Wow! I LOVE these pots...I will show them to my students tomorrow.

    (My art site is

    Probably the one that will show up here is my home/personal ones--sorry!)
    B Diederich

  2. Just found this site. I want to start my students in my 3-D class with this project. Do you happen to have rubrics and such for this project. We are required to have them at our high school! Thanks! Tish

  3. i like the pots but they look like monsters
    but they are good work