Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mixed Media Wood Boxes - Student Art

One of my favorite assignments to do with my Intermediate 3-D kids are these wood boxes that we embellish with a mixed media approach. I'm teaching out of Laurie Mika's book "Mixed Media Mosaics", a local So. Cal artist, who I was turned onto last school year. In fact, if you are interested in seeing the work from last years group click on Mixed Media Mosaic Tiles. Anyways the kids had to jump thru a lot of hoops in the designing and execution of these boxes. Fused glass, soldering, staining with acrylics, glass shards, text with theme, and of course the mixed media tiles. The box above belongs to senior Christi Connors who I have been teaching since she was just a bratty, 7th grade pup. I loved her then, and I'm crazy about you now woman. Behave yourself up at UCSB :) I'll miss you soooooooooooooo.

These next 2 boxes above were done by senior art scholar winners last week, Trisha Shah and Alma Gudino. They received two of my top awards for most outstanding artists this school year. Congrats you two. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the both of you.

And these boxes above were done by two of my up and coming super stars for next year, juniors Angeline Tran and Olivia Hill. Both of these girls are terrific designers and I look forward to teaching you two next year. Look out Breeana! :)

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