Thursday, April 1, 2010

Off for Spring Break

Before I leave for my annual Spring Break, I wanted to show you what 7th grader Melissa Lanto created for her 3rd quarter final (sorry for the out of focus quality). The assignment was Colored Embossment, and the kids built a plate from cardboard, wire and yarn scraps, along with seed beads and glue, then laid printing paper over top before we sent it through our printing press. Afterwards, the kids were required to add a bit of color. I had just taken them thru a color unit on oil pastels and watercolor. I think Melissa did a wonderful job designing her plate and applying her watercolor. By the way, I will not be posting from April 2 thru April 18 cuz hopefully I'll be having too much fun with my own kids as we enjoy our days off together. I feel another couple of road trips coming on. Stay tuned!

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