Monday, April 26, 2010

Congrats to Art Student Paul Kim

My Beginning 2-D art student, junior Paul Kim, recently entered the City of Cerritos "Recycled Art Contest" and won 1st Place with his recycled tree that he made from wire, aluminum cans, toilet paper roll, broken glass, Star Bucks containers, and pop tops from soda cans. The piece is so cool that he has inspired me to use it as an assignment next year with my Beginning 3-d art kids. Thank you Paul for your inspiration!

A close up. For 10 points EXTRA CREDIT, anytime this 4th quarter before we go into finals, make a piece of abstract recycled sculpture by using at least 4 different recycled materials. Remember that abstract means we can still recognize the subject matter :) To see some recycled sculpture click on Alisa Burke under Artists I Follow and scroll thru her site. She specializes in using recycled materials in her art work, things like cereal boxes and junk mail.

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