Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Springtime in the Garden

This gorgeous amaryllis opened for me this last weekend. I had it in a pot for years and it barely did anything so last year I transferred it to the ground, and it seems to love all the room it has to grow and thrive.

This bearded iris is very special to me and has only opened twice in the last several years. Many years ago when my son Zach was very young, I took him to Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach and let him pick out any iris bulb color that he wanted and we took this one home and planted it. It has multiplied twice so there are now 3 plants but this is only the 2nd time it has ever bloomed. I also really like the variegated miniature roses that are in bloom right now. I use these as border plants in my backyard against the concrete edging. They are doing extremely well this year as is everything in my garden. It's gotta be all the rain and the new top soil that my son just laid down around all the plants.

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