Wednesday, April 28, 2010

3/4 View Watercolor - Student Art

Look at my babies watercolor! These are my Intermediate 2-d art students painting each other in a 3/4 view. They learned watercolor basics in my Beginning 2-d class, and now they are really getting to use what they learned.In the piece above senior Shabnaz Klandoker painted senior Sam Chon's portrait. And below we have senior Brandon Liao watercoloring senior Marisela Herrarte. Both pieces are so lovely and sensitive.

In the piece above we have Marisela painting Brandon and putting a bit of abstraction into his hair, and down below we have senior Ashlee Chang doing senior Heidi Chang's portrait. Ashlee is also bringing in some pen and ink work to pop Heidi's features a bit more. By doing this it really gives the watercolor a very different feel from the others.

And lastly we have senior Anne Guu watercoloring senior Marylou Bunn. Anne has also brought in some pen and ink work along with her signature text that she likes to put into everything she creates.

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