Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Solar Pillows - Student Art

These solar printed pillows were the final assignment for my Beginning 3-d class and they always turn out so well. Plus the solar printing is always fun for the kids to watch as their images develop. I order chemically treated cotton fabric from a place in Washington state called Blueprints on Fabric (http://www.blueprintsonfabric.com/) These pillows showcase the student's design, sewing and embellishment skills that they have picked up throughout the year. The top four belong to from left to right, top to bottom: senior Shahnaz Khandoker, junior Jessica Lee, and seniors Emily Choh and Jenny Ham.

This is one of my all time favorite solar pillows done by the very talented senior Ivy Hu.

And this outstanding piece was done by 8th grade perfectionist :) Lilith Huang.

And lastly this pillow was done by one of the sweetest 7th grade boys I've ever worked with, Aman Patel, who also proved to be a very talented designer. Hopefully, you'll be coming back to me Aman in your junior or senior year!


  1. these are just wonderful! how lucky you are to be working with young people!!

  2. These are just lovely. What a fun project. Makes me want to try that fabric myself!