Thursday, September 10, 2009

Art Students Grades 7 -12 Take Advantage of this Extra Credit Opportunity

After looking at these beginning of the year assignment examples please put your name, the name of your class, and the period of your class on a small piece of paper and hand it to me as you walk in my door tomorrow. That will be your only opportunity to get these 3 extra credit points. Enjoy the pictures.

Beginning 3-D art- Beads and Buttons out of Polymer Clay

Intermediate and Advanced 3-D Art - Handmade Knitting Needles, Hand dyed Yarns, Hand Dyed and Handspun Yarns, Felted Bags, Handknit Scarfs

Ceramics I - Moonbabies (Abstracted Figure Sculptures)

Ceramics II - Decorative Mounted Sculptures

Intermediate & Advanced 2-D Art - Value Studies

Beginning 2-D Art - Color Theory

Advanced 2-D Art - Color Pointillism

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