Monday, September 14, 2009

Lump Boxes - Student Art

Have a few more posts to go from my students from last year and then I'm bringing up the new art students that started last week. These are some fun little boxes from last year that start from a solid block of clay. The outside shaping is done by throwing the lump on the board from various directions, and the insides are carved out and then some type of lid closure is usually attached on the inside lip so lid won't slide off. The kids were also required to put some outside surface decoration on the piece. Some chose to embellish their pieces like this fabulous one done by senior Cynthia Tsai.

This sweet box was done by senior Estelle Hong. Look at her attention to detail, not only in the surface decoration but in the glazing as well!

Juniors Steven Ebalobor and Jarvie Elpedes came up with some very cool solutions.

These three were also noteworthy, done by seniors Jessica Song, Jessica Su and Eaning Woo. What I especially love with all these pieces is that no two are alike!

I especially liked this middle one done by junior Crystal Valino, and senior Rikaya Obilo made the adorable one on the left. I'm sorry to say I can't remember who did the one on the right, but I think the shaping on the outside is very cool with the angle and it still manages to stand up.

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