Friday, September 18, 2009

Graphite Spheres - 7th Grade Art Wheel

Just loving my sweet new 7th graders and how hard they are working for me. These three spheres were a one day assignment but many of the kids took them home to spend a little extra time perfecting them. The one above done by Matthew Chou blew me out of the water because he went so far above and beyond what I asked them to do. He simply said he was bored :) Lucky me! The one below was done by Smruthi Maganti and she has given it such a nice rounded feeling plus she has a lovely shading style as well.

And this last one was done by Grace Han, who has also achieved a wonderful 3-D feel. For one EXTRA CREDIT point how would you describe yourself in one word only. Please use a blue piece of paper to put your answer on along with your name and period.

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