Wednesday, August 24, 2022


                    Freelance Writer, Fiber Artist and Hand Spinning Teacher,

Debbie Held's handspun yarns captured me immediately when I saw an article of hers on the internet sight of Spin Off

I just knew I wanted a skein of her magic so I contacted her and we were off to the races.  She had me look thru her stash of unspun fibers and pick a color way that spoke to me.

She was so easy to work with and so very knowledgeable about animal fibers,
yarn plies, tweedy nubs, gradients versus fractural spins,
the list was long. 
And tah dah!
I couldn't be more thrilled with her finished creation,
all made to my specifications.

This colorway is called Outback in Bloom
The fiber is baby camel/silk (50/50).
  Deborah says it's probably the most luxurious blend out there with astonishing luster and drape.
I didn't realize this because I basically picked it for its astonishing colors.
I asked her for a Sport Weight yarn so she chain plied it and it's ideal for something lacy like a cowl or shawl/scarf.
So right now I'm on the hunt for the perfect pattern. 
And it must be touched everyday,
several times a day,
So I have it sitting right next to me on my desk.
I'm super excited to see and read more about Deb's work in this Fall's Issue of Spin Off Magazine.
I've also had her put me on her mailing list for classes that she teaches both Stateside as well as Internationally.
I'm so hoping she will come to the So.Cal. to teach at my studio.
This Fall she is headed to Scotland to teach at the Daedalus Fly-In this next spring.
She has also taught at the N.Y Sheep and Wool Festival (Rhinebeck),
 for Majacraft's New Zealand Retreat, and in Manchester, England. 
She hails from Atlanta, Georgia and also teaches classes for Sweet Georgia Yarns
in Vancouver BC, Canada.
Fall Issue of Spin off is now available.


  1. Even as inexperienced as I am with all things spun, knitted or crocheted, I can appreciate the beauty in this gorgeous stuff ... can't wait to see what it becomes

    1. I'm narrowing it down to a thinner shawl/scarf. I'd love to do a beautiful cowl, but honestly I just never wear them as much as I love to knit them. I'm just always running too warm. Still hot flashing after 20 years...CRAZY!!